About Us

The Handicraft Association of Bhutan (HAB) promotes the work of local artisans in markets within Bhutan and internationally. The HAB organizes trainings and seminars to enhance the skills of indigenous craftspeople and provides resources to support local artisans within their communities at the grassroots level, while opening avenues and providing exposure for them in core tourist hubs.

In doing so, HAB helps both rural and urban artisans produce superior handmade crafts while creating a network that encourages sustainable production while improving market accessibility and better prices for their goods.

There are 1,700 artisans registered with HAB and 195 locally affiliated stores and outlets, which display and trade over 100 different varieties of traditionally handmade crafts.


Create a vibrant, authentic and dynamic handicraft sector that showcases Bhutan's traditional heritage and serves as a tool to improve the livelihood of rural Bhutan


Create an enabling, nourishing and sustainable environment for Bhutanese craftspeople by encouraging innovation and diversity, and facilitating access to local and international markets.

Handicrafts Association of Bhutan


HAB Organizational Structure

HAB Organizational Structure – organogram