HAB registers individual members like artisans, craftsmen and traders; organized members like traders, exporters, manufacturers and cooperatives; institution members like Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), informal district and grassroots associations working for the crafts sector. HAB also registers honorary members from overseas who are engaged in craft and related activities to foster knowledge transfer.

Member benefits

Members registered with HAB can benefit in the following ways:
  1. Avail business and trade opportunities in local and international markets and trade fairs and exhibitions.
  2. Develop skills and expertise through trainings and programs.
  3. Travel abroad for study and observation programs organized through/by HAB.
  4. Boost profile and get recommendations for promotion of business from/through HAB.
  5. Participate in trade meetings organized by HAB where buyers and sellers come together.
  6. Participate in crafts competitions at the national and international levels.
  7. Receive opportunity to be awarded excellent exporter, excellent artist, and excellent craftsman by different promotional agencies on HAB’s recommendation.

Become a member

Price: 300.00