From Weaving Dreams to Reality: Drumdhen Empowers Rural Artisans for Sustainable Livelihoods

Handicrafts Association of Bhutan

The project is aimed at empowering the community with the traditional weaving skill of Drumdhen, which is renowned for its intricate and delicate designs, and has the potential to generate sustainable income for the households involved. By reviving this age-old craft and providing the necessary support, HAB is not only preserving the cultural heritage of Bhutan but also promoting sustainable economic growth in rural communities.

This initiative is expected to bring positive changes in the lives of the participating households, improving their financial stability and standard of living. With the increased demand for high-quality handmade products, the project offers a promising future for the weavers and the community as a whole.

The project is a testament to the potential of sustainable livelihoods, and serves as a model for other communities looking to improve their economic prospects through traditional crafts and skills. HAB is committed to supporting the growth of this project and ensuring its long-term success, and believes that sustainable livelihoods are a key factor in promoting overall economic development.