Celebrating National Pride: 31,500 Bags of Joy to Commemorate the National Day

The Handicrafts Association of Bhutan (HAB) rose to the occasion and proudly delivered 31,500 beautifully crafted goodie bags for the 115th National Day of Bhutan. The HAB team worked tirelessly to complete this massive project within just 10 days, showcasing remarkable tailoring skills and exceptional competency.

This project was not only a testament to the remarkable abilities of the HAB team, but it also provided a platform for us to actively participate in the celebration of Bhutan’s National Day. The Association is grateful for the trust placed in us by the national committee and coordinators, who handed this project to us.

HAB’s success in producing such a large number of high-quality products in such a short period of time demonstrates our commitment to excellence and our ability to rise to any challenge. This production is an achievement that HAB is proud of and one that the entire fraternity of handicrafts can celebrate.