The Art of Woodturning
Shagzo, or the art of woodturning, traditionally originated from Trashiyangtse in eastern Bhutan. Exquisite Daapas (wooden bowls) and Dzaphobs (wooden cups) which come in various shapes and sizes, and ara (alcoholic rice brew) container, utensils and kettles are the most popular products in this craft. A variety of woods is used to produce the items. Craftsmen chisel cups and bowls from the burls of trees hidden in the forests. One highly prized raw material for Shagzo is dza (special wooden knots). The wooden products are keepsakes not only for their utilitarian value but also as souvenirs. Bhutanese people consider them invaluable and often offer them as gifts to visitors. Kengkhar village in Mongar is famous for traditional wooden alcohol containers called Jandup.
Shagzo: The Art of Woodturning