Unleashing the Beauty of Rural Craftsmanship and Cuisine: SHINE Project Brings Handicrafts and Food to the Forefront of Tourism!

Handicrafts Association of Bhutan

The SHINE project is set to revolutionize the Bhutanese tourism industry by integrating local handicrafts and traditional foods into the mainstream tourism market. This European Union-supported initiative is aimed at creating new market opportunities for rural entrepreneurs and boosting the income of rural artisans. The project is being led by the GrAT Centre for Appropriate Technology, an Austria-based organization with extensive experience in sustainable tourism.

In addition to GrAT, the SHINE project is also supported by a strong local partnership consisting of the Handicrafts Association of Bhutan (HAB), Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE), and India-based STANUM Asia. This collaboration will help ensure that the project is executed with local expertise, insights, and understanding of the Bhutanese context.

With the integration of local handicrafts and food into the tourism market, the SHINE project is poised to promote Bhutan’s rich cultural heritage, providing tourists with a unique and authentic experience. This project represents a significant opportunity for Bhutan to expand its tourism sector, generating new economic opportunities for rural communities, and supporting the preservation of traditional arts and crafts. Get ready to join this exciting journey and witness the positive impact of the SHINE project!