Discover the Beauty of Bamboo: A Showcase of Eco-Friendly Handicrafts for Your Home

The Handicrafts Association of Bhutan (HAB) is dedicated to promoting and supporting the traditional art and culture of Bhutan. In line with this goal, the HAB recently organized an exhibition on rural bamboo handicrafts in Zhemgang. The event aimed to create awareness of the versatility and potential of rural bamboo products and to encourage the use of eco-friendly products in households and businesses.

The exhibition was a platform for the local bamboo weavers of Zhemgang to showcase their skills and products to a wider audience. The visitors had the opportunity to see the unique features of bamboo products and to appreciate the traditional techniques used in their production. The bamboo products on display included a variety of lights, baskets, mats, and furniture, all made from locally sourced bamboo.

The HAB invited the dzongkhag sector heads, business communities, and other corporate agencies based in Zhemgang to attend the exhibition, in order to create market opportunities for the local bamboo weavers. The goal was to provide exposure for their products and to connect them with potential buyers and investors.

The exhibition was also a testament to the environmental and economic benefits of bamboo. Bamboo is known internationally as the “green gold” of the wilderness, due to its capability of providing ecological and economic security to communities, as well as its environmental friendliness. It is a renewable resource, widely available, and has the ability to absorb high levels of toxins, making it an effective carbon sink.

By promoting the use of rural bamboo products, HAB is not only contributing to the preservation of Bhutan’s traditional culture and art but also promoting sustainable development and eco-friendly practices. The HAB is committed to supporting the livelihoods of local communities and helping them to realize the full potential of their traditional skills and products.