Bring a Touch of Green to Your Home or Business with the Eco-Friendly Bamboo Light Shades from the Handicrafts Association of Bhutan (HAB)

The Handicrafts Association of Bhutan (HAB) has recently launched a range of innovative bamboo light shades, developed in partnership with a local bamboo weaver from Zhemagng and organizations such as SFED, GEF-SGP-UNDP Bhutan, and BTFE. The launch took place during the thematic exhibition on Handicrafts and Infracom 2022 in Thimphu.

Bamboo, known as the “green gold” of the wilderness, is a highly sought-after non-wood forest product that can be used for a variety of purposes, including handicrafts and textiles, as well as construction materials. Bamboo is a renewable resource that is both environmentally friendly and widely available, offering ecological and economic benefits to communities. It also serves as a carbon sink, with a high capacity for absorbing toxins.

The launch of these bamboo light shades is aimed at promoting eco-friendly products for use in hotels and restaurants and contributing to the fight against climate change.